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Soft Serve Vanilla Ice Cream

Cake or Waffle


Chocolate • Rainbow (Ice cream cones only)

Shoobies Sundaes

Cape San Blas / Dark Chocolate Sauce, Chocolate Chips & Toasted Coconut

Indian Pass / Caramel Sauce, Dark Chocolate Sauce & Chopped Peanuts

Wewa / Banana Chips, Roasted Peanuts & Tupelo Honey

St. Joe Beach / Chocolate Cookies, Chocolate Sauce & Chocolate Chips

PoJo / Chocolate, Coffee & Caramel Sauce

Mexico Beach / Sea Salt Pretzels, Dark Chocolate Sauce & Caramel

Sundae Toppings
Chopped Peanuts • Toasted Coconut • Chocolate Cookies
Banana Chips • Tupelo Honey • Sea Salt Pretzels • Caramel
Chocolate Chips • Coffee Sauce • Dark Chocolate Sauce

Water Ice (Two scoops in a cup)
Flavors / Cherry • Lemon • Blue Raspberry • Mango
Strawberry • Green Apple • Pina Colada • Tangerine (SF)

Born in the USA / Cherry, Lemon, Blue Raspberry

Jersey Gelato
Jersey Gelato is a combination of our soft serve ice cream & water ice in a cup

Endless Summer / Mango, Vanilla ice cream, Pina Colada
Riptide / Lemon, Vanilla ice cream, Blue Raspberry
Teeny Bikini / Tangerine, Vanilla ice cream, Pina Colada
Sunburn / Cherry, Vanilla ice cream, Strawberry
Alligator / Lemon, Vanilla ice cream, Green Apple
Florida Sunset / Cherry, Vanilla ice cream, Mango

Open Mon-Sat 3:30pm - 9:30pm EST
(due to change - check back frequently)

* Parked at 143 Acklins Island Drive, Cape San Blas *
(Across from the Cape San Blas Inn)

Phone: 850-705-1555
E-mail: ShoobiesFrozenTreats@gmail.com
Facebook: www.Facebook.com/ShoobiesFL

What is Water Ice?
Water Ice, also known as Italian ice, is a sweetened frozen dessert made with fruit & other natural flavorings, similar to sorbet. Water Ice is not shaved ice that is flavored; rather, it is made by the same process by which ice cream is made. Water Ice does not contain dairy or eggs making it a fat free & cholesterol free treat!

I thought Gelato was Ice Cream?
Gelato is the Italian word for ice cream. Gelato and ice cream share a lot of the same basic attributes both being made from frozen milk, sugar & cream however we serve Jersey Gelato. Jersey Gelato is two scoops of Water Ice (also known as Italian Ice) with our soft serve ice cream in between. It’s the best of both worlds!

What is a Shoobie?
Shoobie is a term used in South Jersey to describe a tourist who visits the shore for the day or weekend (day trippers) only or one who primarily only uses the beach during the summer months. The term "shoobie" originated in the late 1800s and it derives from day trippers taking the train to the beach with their ticket price including a boxed lunch and change of clothes packed all in a shoe box.

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